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Approaching The Next Stage of CASL
CASL Posted September 19, 2017

For three years, Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) has been front and centre in business, an indirect response to email becoming one of the primary sources of connecting. Companies must now include contact information and an easy method for recipients to unsubscribe from emails or risk a penalty of up to $10 million from the Canadian Radio-tele...

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Dx3 Wrap-Up—Building Bridges across the Strategy-to-Execution Gap
DMO Posted September 18, 2017

Picture San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge: Declared one of the wonders of the modern world, construction began in January 1933 and from the time it officially opened in 1937 until 1964, it was considered the longest suspension bridge main span in the world (at 4,200 feet). Now, while we’re certainly not building engineers, contractors or ar...

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Closing the Strategy-to-Execution Gap—Vigorate Digital’s Methodolo...
Strategy2Execution Posted September 15, 2017

  Many marketing organizations are increasingly experiencing a skills and/or resource gap that makes it difficult for them to effectively execute against their marketing strategies, and contributes to unnecessary loss of campaign effectiveness and efficiencies. We refer to this as the Strategy to Execution Gap. We’ve covered some of th...

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Five Tips For Avoiding Digital Marketing Mistakes

Digital technology is bringing about sweeping changes to the marketing landscape; this is evident from the way industry professionals allocate budgets dedicated to promoting their brands. According to a study from marketing optimization firm ThinkVine, more than 50% of marketing leaders are willing to spend more on digital marketing initiatives tha...

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