Let’s Raise a Glass to 2016


Some things in life and at work never get old: sitting down for drinks after work with your buddies; your cubemate’s junk food stash; getting yourself all fancied up for the office holiday shindig… These are the things that lift us up and make the pandemonium of the holiday season worthwhile.

Here at Vigorate Digital, we’re getting into the celebratory mood too. So let’s raise a glass to 2016, as we celebrate some key company accomplishments and look ahead to what’s shaping up to be a pretty exciting 2017:

1. New industry experts join the team: The North American marketing sector has some pretty fantastic movers and shakers, and we were lucky enough to welcome two of these industry leaders to our team over the past year:

  • Scott Jamieson took on the role of President in September, and brought with him over 16 years of experience as a strategist, operational consultant, and MarTech product expert with a number of leading North American digital marketing and marketing solutions organizations.
  • Geoff Harding joined Vigorate Digital as Vice President, Business Development in August. Following successful stints in Business Development and Sales with several large media companies (including TC Media and Mundo Media), Geoff brings a depth of digital marketing planning and analytics savvy to our Strategy-to-Execution practice.

2. Competition breeds excellence: For the third year in a row, our ranking on the PROFIT 500’s list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies is a clear indication that small- and medium-sized businesses in Canada (like Vigorate Digital) continue to evolve, adopting new technology and developing new frameworks and processes that help them to stay ahead of the curve in our ultra-competitive marketplace.

3. Partnerships deliver even better results: The digital marketing industry is dense with tech solutions providers that promise to deliver “the best” results for any given marketing campaign.

[Check out Scott Brinker’s Marketing Technology Landscape diagram for a phenomenally multi-layered depiction of the industry’s complexity.]

Nowhere is this better exemplified than in the digital hub/Marketing Cloud (MC) sector, where new and not-so-new companies come and go at a staggering pace, often by getting swallowed up by tech behemoths like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

We share the popular opinions of industry experts, and our partnerships with Adobe and Salesforce for their best-in-breed MC technology, and Gigya for its Customer Identification and Access Management (CIAM) solutions, empower us to activate more strategic initiatives.

With powerhouse platforms like Adobe and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, especially when they’re connected to Gigya’s CIAM tools, we’re able to:

  • Simplify and optimize consumers’ cross-channel journeys, managing audience data and monitoring campaign performance from across off- and online channels.
  • Implement and integrate first-party data captured via products like Registration-as-a-Service and Social Login.
  • Drive outstanding Customer Experiences via targeted and contextually relevant cross-channel messaging that leverages rich customer profiles.
  • Increase campaign productivity and reduce time to market, using Marketing Automation technology to deliver real-time 1:1 interactions at scale.
  • Give our clients the insights they need to grow their ROMI, using customizable reporting and analytics tools for complete visibility of all marketing activities as they happen and as they impact business over time.

[Brush up on these best-of-breed platforms in our recent post, “Looking Back on the Digital Marketing Industry—4 Memorable Developments from 2016.”]

What are you celebrating this holiday season? Let’s raise a glass together to another wild and wonderful year in the digital marketing industry!