Visit Vigorate Digital at Dx3 Toronto & Catch Industry Veteran Scott Jamieson Speak About Marketing’s Strategy-to-Execution Gap

Posted February 14, 2017

​​​​​​As more best-in-breed software companies continue to add increased digital marketing features, marketing automation tools and data integration opportunities, marketers are able to plan more sophisticated and ambitious strategies.  In order to take full advantage of this opportunity, and to achieve real ROI from the investment in this MarTech, marketers are faced with the challenge of ensuring that the true value of the strategic plan can be implemented as completely as possible.  This takes a balance between the technical skills and the marketing focus needed to ensure that the value of a strategy can be operationalized into the MarTech solutions.

As a result, many brands are struggling to bridge the gap between developing effective marketing strategy and successfully implementing on those strategies. This is called the Strategy-to-Execution (S2E) gap, and according to the Harvard Business Review, as much as half of clients’ strategic potential value is lost due to the ineffective translation of a marketing strategy through to execution.

But the good news is that those organizations that put the effort into successfully transitioning their marketing strategies into effective campaign and program executions will have a tremendous competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Join Vigorate Digital Solutions in Booth #728 at Dx3 (Toronto, March 8–9, 2017) to learn more about the growing gap between Marketing Strategy and MarTech execution that’s sapping the value and revenue potential from marketing campaigns of leading brands across the industry.

Then, visit the Open Air Theatre on March 8th (10:45-11:15 am) to hear Scott Jamieson, President of Vigorate Digital Solutions, lead a thought-provoking presentation on the challenges of the widening Strategy Execution gap and the benefits of applying a strategic methodology that focuses on planning, enablement, operationalization, and accountability to deliver more cost-effective and higher-yielding results on every execution.

Some of the topics to be covered:

  • Defining the current gap between Marketing Strategy and MarTech execution that’s contributing to significant marketing waste for many marketing organizations
  • Identifying contributing factors that have the potential to impact your bottom line
  • Reviewing the main elements of a scalable and flexible S2E methodology that enables marketing organizations to plan and deliver more cost-effective and value-driven digital marketing campaigns using MarTech solutions.

Learn more about Dx3 here—and contact Agnes Lam, Digital Marketing Coordinator for a discount on your Dx3 registration.

About Vigorate Digital Solutions

Vigorate Digital is Canada’s leading Strategic Execution and Digital Marketing Operations Company. Our Strategy-to-Execution (S2E) methodology is centred around successfully transitioning our clients’ marketing strategies into effective campaign and program execution, using a thoughtful, repeatable, scalable, and flexible approach that’s applied to each client’s unique marketing ecosystem. By focusing on four key processes of marketing enablement (Planning, Enablement, Operationalization, and Accountability), Vigorate Digital Solutions helps marketing organizations to eliminate marketing waste and achieve higher ROI.

About Scott Jamieson

Scott Jamieson joined Vigorate Digital Solutions in 2016, following the conclusion of several high-profile roles in the Canadian marketing sector, including his work as Senior Director, Professional Services at Responsys (now Oracle); as General Manager at ThinData; and more recently, as Vice President, 1:1 Marketing and Data Insights with TC Media (formerly Transcontinental Interactive). Scott has also operated his own lifecycle marketing and digital channel engagement agency for the past ten years, and has provided strategic direction for many of Canada’s largest interactive agencies and their clients. As President of Vigorate Digital Solutions, Scott reinforces the continued focus on growth within the organization’s Strategy-to-Execution and Marketing Operations practices.

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